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Claire Hornsby Unburden Therapeutic Coaching

Want to Enjoy Your Life More?

Join me and amaze yourself at what you can achieve with a life coach in your corner.

Meet Claire

Life Coach & Psychotherapist

Originally from England where I practiced as a psychotherapist, I moved to the USA in 2014, where I achieved my certification as a life coach. I'm here to help people like you, looking for a way to unlock the next stage of their lives.

Claire Hornsby Unburden Therapeutic Coaching

Why Choose Life Coaching?

Feeling Lost


Life isn’t working out the way you expected. It looks like everyone else has it together and you are wondering what’s wrong with you and if you will ever find your way.


You want to feel loved, supported and truly cared for, but no matter what you try, you keep coming up empty and wonder how you can create lasting and fulfilling relationships

Left Behind


You're facing an empty nest and wondering what to do now. You did such a great job focusing on your family, you can’t remember what you enjoy doing and worry your skills are irrelevant.

Lonely & Listless

Retirement isn’t what you were expecting. You have so much energy and experience and want to feel valued and regain a sense of purpose but don’t quite know how to achieve that.

Successful lives don’t just happen. Come and create the life you want …

Unburden Therapeutic Coaching

Successful lives don’t just happen. Come and create the life you want …

 Unburden Therapeutic Coaching

Working with Claire has helped me realize my self worth and has guided me through my move into a new house by teaching me it's ok to make mistakes and how to learn from them.

- Maggie

After only a few sessions, Claire redirected my thought process from negative and energy draining, into an effectively inspiring drive that's kept me going through college. A very valuable resource for anyone who needs a nudge in the right direction

- Caleb

Claire is a compassionate skilled professional. She helped and encouraged me to take my business to the next level. Claire also helped me with my life overall. Claire transforms lives! I highly recommend her!

- Ruth

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