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In my continuous thirst for knowledge and understanding of the human condition and how it relates to my work as a coach and therapist, I discovered this innovative new approach to identifying our unique and particular traits and now incorporate this new learning into my practice

What's A Sparketype?

In 2021 the author Jonathan Fields, driven by a desire to share his insights about what motivates people to work, published Sparked.  What Jonathan had uncovered during 20 years of research is that we all have distinct imprints for work that make us come alive.  In his book; Sparked, he describes 10 different patterns he calls Sparketypes, which capture the nature of the type of work we are drawn to or repelled by.  The Sparketypes speak to our sense of purpose, excitement, meaning, potential and experience of flow, whether our work is paid or unpaid.

In Sparked Jonathan helps the reader understand how their Sparketype profile may show up in their own lives and how they can leverage this to achieve more fulfilment.  Uncovering your Sparketype can feel like a deep sense of recognition and may help you make sense of some of the jobs and career choices that have worked for you and those that have not. Why some parts of your job fill you up and others leave you depleted, even if you are quite skilled at them.

Listening to Jonathan interviewed about his book and the Sparketype assessment, that is available for free, I had to find out more.  Luckily for me, Jonathan was planning the first course for Certified Sparketype Advisors and after we spoke together about what he wanted to achieve and how I envisioned incorporating the concept of Sparketypes into my own client work, I was signed up and eager to learn more.

It was a privilege to be part of the first cohort of students working towards this new certification, learning together, with Jonathan and his team, and generating hundreds of ideas about how to take this valuable work forward.  My fellow students came from many different backgrounds, as coaches, therapists, and educators and with many different Sparketype profiles so the conversation was energizing, deep and supportive.  You can find us all on the Sparketype CSA Directory.

What's My Sparketype?

No surprises here, my primary Sparketype is Advisor!

Although this doesn’t mean giving advice; the drive for Advisors is building meaningful relationships and forming genuine connections, to support and guide others on a process of personal discovery, agency, and growth.

As I continue my own professional development and personal growth, I am honoring my shadow Sparketype, of Maven.  My desire to continually learn will never be satisfied and as I now understand this innate drive is in service to my Primary Sparketype of Advisor, it makes total sense to me.  The knowledge I gather every day, as I read, listen to podcasts, attend courses and seminars and work with my clients, is used in helping me to connect with and support others in their own personal and professional growth.

My Anti-Sparketype, my heavy lift, is Warrior. Yes, I can and have done the gathering of people and leading of teams, during 20 years in corporate management, but this work does not come easy to me and leaves me depleted rather than filled up.  The good news for me is that I am married to a wonderful man, whose Primary Sparketype is Warrior; I can and do draw on his strength and Warrior energy when that’s what life calls for.


If you are intrigued and take the Sparketype assessment for yourself, please share your results and let me know where you see this show up in your life and what new possibilities this insight opens up for you.  If you would like to take this a little further and explore what your profile means to you and how you might leverage this in your career, please reach out to me or one of my fellow CSA’s

You can hear Jonathan and members of the Sparked Braintrust answer questions for listeners wanting  help with their careers on the Sparked podcast 

You can also listen to some deep and inspirational conversations as Jonathan explores with a wide variety of guests what it means to live a fully engaged, fiercely connected and purposeful life, on The Good Life Project pod cast. 

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